The Truth About Feminism (+12 Rights Women Have That Men Do Not)

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“Feminism is cancer” | “Feminism is about man hating”
“Feminism is about equality!” | “Feminism is for everyone!”

The debate surrounding feminism has been going on for a very long time, and it is a debate that is not likely to end any time soon. Possibly never. But is feminism really about hating men, or is it actually about equality for everyone? Well, you are reading the right book, because now, class, I will be explaining to you the truth about feminism.

The definition of feminism simply states that it is about gaining women the same rights as men. But you see, there is one key problem with that in today’s society, and that is that in the Western world, women already have all the same rights as men, in fact, women have more rights than men. Now, I know that many feminists will argue over this definition, but aside from arguing over that, you need just look at what the movement is actually doing in the present day. Aside from the over-the-top man hating crazies that are the loudest, the majority of feminists continue to both knowingly and unknowingly push ridiculous lies, myths, and misinformation.

An example of this would be the wage gap and how feminists like to say that women earn less than men for the same work and that it needs to be stopped. This is a lie that has gone so far up the chain that even world leaders have been known to repeat it on a regular basis, saying that women only earn seventy-seven cents to every dollar a man earns. Meanwhile, it is actually against the law to pay a woman less than a man for the same work in a majority of Western countries (including the United States and the United Kingdom). In the United States, there is something called the Equal Pay Act which sees to this. The reason for the wage gap existing is all down to personal choices that women make, not sexism. Women choose to not go into STEM field subjects as often as men do, and as a result, women tend to end up in lesser paying jobs. Women choose to take more holidays on average than men do. Women choose to work part-time rather than full-time more often than men do. Women choose to not go into dangerous jobs as often as men do, which is why men make up ninety-three percent of all workplace deaths. Women are far more likely to choose to go into lesser paying fields of study, and this shows when you look at the overall wage numbers. Women choose to go into fields such as social care in much greater numbers than men do, whereas men choose to go into engineering in much greater numbers than women do. Which career path do you think pays more?

Another lie would be the insane notion that we live in a ‘rape culture’. There undoubtedly is no rape culture, yet feminists like to push this crazy narrative that says there is irrefutably a rape culture. If the “one in five” statistic about women being raped on college campuses was real, like feminists claim it is, then women at college would be more likely to be raped than people living in the Congo where it is estimated that forty-eight women are raped every hour. A place where rape is used as a weapon of war. If it were true, no one would go to college. If that statistic were true, going to college would essentially be like marching yourself into a rape camp.

If you are unaware, a rape culture is defined as a culture in which rape and sexual assault are normalised. But… rape is illegal. Rapists are shunned by our society as some of the most despicable human beings on the planet. Rapists are not glorified. Rapists are most certainly not normalised. Nobody is encouraged to rape anyone else. The idea that we live in a rape culture is simply absurd.

Feminism arguably started off as a semi-good cause to try to gain women the right to vote, but even then it is not entirely pure. Contrary to what your gender studies professor might tell you, back in the day, voting was not gender exclusive. Who got to vote was based on how much property a person owned. People with lots of property were actually awarded multiple votes, and some of those people were women. Most of the population could not vote at all because they did not actually own property or enough of it. So there were actually some women who were allowed to vote multiple times, meanwhile, countless men could not even vote once. Men, as a whole, were only given the vote after legislation was passed stating that men would be required to be eligible to be drafted to war. Years later, feminists then started causing chaos and demanding votes for women. Eventually, legislation passed giving women the vote, but without them having to agree to be drafted to war. Meanwhile, men to this day are still only allowed to vote on the understanding that they are eligible to be drafted to war should the need arise.

Anyway, feminism arguably started off as a semi-decent cause, but these days it has become all about man-hating/blaming, lies, victim complexes, and complaining about nothing (see manspreading/mansplaining). Feminism is a cult. Even the most rational of feminists I have argued with still seem to be trapped in this rhetoric where they obsess over a label and a dictionary definition. Most self-identified feminists claim that feminism is about equality for the sexes, and not just for women. Egalitarianism (a movement dedicated to the equality of all people) would be a far better fit for what these people try to sell feminism as.

I think any decent person would agree that everyone deserves equal rights and equal opportunity. I just cannot stand to see good people trapped under this ridiculous ‘feminism’ banner. All it does, whether intentionally or not, is spread hatred, divide people, and cause arguments. There is not a single good thing feminism as achieved recently, and there is nothing good that it ever will achieve. The most I ever see it ‘achieving’ in future is helping to censor what they deem to be hate speech, and that is most certainly not a positive thing.

Take feminism to the middle-East where men are encouraged to beat their wives for refusing sex. Stop lying. Stop defending misogynistic ideologies such as Islam, and maybe then feminism could actually do some good.

So now I leave you with a list of rights that women have in the Western world, that men do not. Note: Some of these are more like advantages than actual rights. Saying rights just sounds better.

1. Women have the right to genital integrity.

Every day, countless infant boys in the West are subjected to non-consensual circumcision. Meanwhile, female circumcision is a practice that is outlawed entirely in the West.

2. Women have the right to vote without agreeing to die.

This is the whole draft situation that I explained earlier.

3. Women have the right to choose parenthood.

Women have three options to absolve themselves of all legal, moral, financial and social responsibility for children they don’t want. Women can abort the child, they can surrender it for adoption without notifying the father, or they can surrender the child under safe haven laws and walk away from all responsibilities. Women cannot be forced into parenthood, but they are legally allowed to force men into financing their reproductive choices. In many US states, men can be forced into paying for children who they didn’t even biologically father. Just so long as a man is identified as a father, he will be held responsible. Paternity fraud is legal. In no state in the US is legal paternal surrender permitted without the agreement of the mother.

4. Women have the right to be assumed caregivers for children.

When parents split, current laws assume one primary caregiver (almost always a woman), and one tertiary caregiver (almost always a man). In order to win equal or shared custody of the child/children, the tertiary caregiver must litigate to prove they are worthy of equal custody – a proposition that is not only very difficult to prove but is also very expensive. “The legal presumption of shared parenting upon divorce – that children have a legal right to an equal relationship with both their mother and their father following relationship breakdown – is strongly resisted by the National Organisation for Women (NOW) and other feminist organisations who know that women will almost always win custody of children under the default laws. In actual fact, men who can afford to pursue legal remedies and challenge primary custody stand a good chance of winning, because women do not have the market cornered on loving or caring for children.” So while the law does not specifically indicate that custody automatically is awarded to women, the defacto result of primary/tertiary caregiver custody law is that women have a legal right to be assumed caregiver for their children. Men do not.

5. Women have the right to call unwanted, coerced sex rape.

The original FBI definition of rape specifically identified women as the victims, excluding the possibility of male rape victims. When the FBI updated this, they did it in a way so that it included only a small minority of male rape victims, but still excluded most male rape victims by retaining the “penetration” clause. Penetration of any orifice must occur for rape to have happened. The FBI does, however, collect another set of statistics under the category of “other sexual assault”, it’s the awkwardly named “made to penetrate” category, which includes men who were coerced, tricked, or bullied into penetrative sex with women they would otherwise not have had sex with. The National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey similarly considers the two types of assault separately, despite the fact that occurrences are virtually identical.

6. Women have the right to lower jail sentences for the same crime.

Countless women are given far lower jail sentences than men are, meanwhile they committed the exact same crime, or in some cases, worse crimes. Judges are pressured into looking at women with more sympathy and giving them less time in prison.



7. Women have the right to not be assumed, sexual predators.


8. Women have the right to government departments that solely serve their interests.

Office on Violence Against Women:

Ministry for Women:

9. Women have the right to government-enforced gender quotas.

Source 1:

Source 2:

10. Women have the right to exclusive tax benefits for being a business owner.


11. Women have the right to domestic violence shelters.




12. Women have the right to not be assumed the primary aggressor in a domestic dispute.



Thanks to numerous users from ThoughtCatalog and /r/mensrights for helping gather the information used in this piece.

This article was taken directly from my book, Medium Rare: A Guide To Fine Dining & Perfect Timing‘.

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