Everything that did and didn’t work in Avengers: Infinity War

Before you read on, you should note a couple of things. Firstly, this is not a full review of Avengers: Infinity War. Secondly, there will be spoilers. Now with that out of the way, we can get started.

I just saw Infinity War a few hours ago. I was very hyped for this movie, much more than I have been for any movie in quite a long time. With so much hype behind a movie, it is almost impossible for it to ever truly satisfy the fans. Throughout my time watching the movie, there were many occasions where I had goosebumps and was very pleased with what I was seeing, however, there were also many moments that left me feeling a little disappointed. So first up, let’s go over all of the stuff that I found to be great about this movie.


Thanos: Everything about Thanos was fantastic. He is undoubtedly the greatest villain we have ever seen in a Marvel movie (which is to be expected considering how long he has been built up prior to this movie). The opening of the movie where Thanos just drags Thor around by the head gives a sense of just how dominant of a force he truly is. Better yet was a few moments later when he brutalised the Hulk as if it was nothing. Josh Brolin really did do a fantastic job as Thanos, and he comes across as a very deep character, who has brilliant motivation behind him. Anytime Thanos was on screen, I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see what he’d do next.

Thanos & Gamora: The dynamic between Thanos and Gamora might just be one of the best, if not the best dynamic we’ve seen in a Marvel movie. Two of my three favourite scenes in Infinity War included the two of them together. The flashback scene to where they met, plus the scene where Thanos has to sacrifice her are both absolutely fantastic. There is also the very well-done scene where Gamora tries to kill Thanos, only to then find out that he was never there in the first place. The whole thing is just very well written, and the performances by both actors are exceptional.

Dr Strange: Doctor Strange is in my top three Marvel movies of all time, so maybe I’m just a little biased here. Either way, I thought that the performance by Benedict Cumberbatch was excellent, and I enjoyed every moment with Doctor Strange on screen.

Vision & Scarlet Witch: These are another two characters who had a fantastic dynamic on-screen. They’ve had some decent interactions in previous movies, namely Captain America: Civil War, but their dynamic in this movie is even better. I felt great sadness for Wanda when she realised that she was going to have to kill Vision and considering that she was a character that I really didn’t care about all that much in any of the previous movies she has been in, I think that shows just how well she fit into this movie.

The pacing: Considering that this movie is close to three hours long, it really doesn’t feel like it, and this is due to the great pacing of the movie. The movie never bored me. I was entertained from start to finish, and I started to worry that I wouldn’t find a good spot for a pee break (don’t worry, I eventually did – when Cap returned with Wanda and Vision after he saved them from the Children of Thanos).

Fan service: A lot of the appeal of this movie is down to the new pairings of characters that we haven’t seen together yet. Some pairings worked better than others, but overall, it was great to see some fresh team-ups.

The ending: The ending of the movie was very bittersweet in my opinion. I’ll get to what I didn’t like about the ending later, when I’m talking about the things that I don’t think were so good about the movie, but as far as what I did like, I liked that the bad guy won. It’s very rare that the heroes don’t come out on top in a superhero movie (or any movie at all for that matter) but I really did enjoy how Thanos managed to carry out his plan perfectly, and that he ended the movie with the leg up over the heroes.

I could go on and on about what I liked in this movie, but those were the main things. Now I’m going to tell you what I thought didn’t work so well.


Mark Ruffalo: When the Hulk is in the movie, it’s mainly good (as little as that is), however, when Mark Ruffalo is playing Bruce Banner, it’s just not enjoyable at all. I was a fan of Bruce Banner in basically all of the previous movies (not so much in Thor: Ragnarok) but in this movie, I think that Mark Ruffalo’s acting comes off very flat and just not good at all. I think the character worked much better when he was more serious like he was in the first two Avengers movies. He has become more of a comic relief character now, and it is really starting to annoy me.

The Guardians of The Galaxy: I want to start off here by saying that I love the two Guardians movies. I also want to say that I enjoyed seeing them in this movie, especially Gamora. However, I thought that they seemed very out of place. Infinity War, for the most part, has quite a serious tone, and as much as I appreciate a little bit of humour to lighten things up, I found that the humour coming from the likes of Drax was more immersion breaking than anything. It just felt like it was a different movie when they were on screen together. Groot and Rocket going off with Thor was fine, and I enjoyed that team-up. It was more Drax, Mantis and Starlord that were the issue for me.

Action sequences: I want to make it clear that I absolutely loved the fight scene on Titan. I was awestruck when Thanos grabbed hold of a planet to pull down meteors into the atmosphere to attack Iron Man. Great stuff. In fact, I loved all of the action scenes involving Thanos. The problem though is that all of the action sequences without Thanos in them felt very inconsequential, especially the large-scale battle in Wakanda. It was basically just a bunch of superheroes fighting a generic CGI army, just like they have done in loads of other movies in the past. I found it uninteresting and not very exciting.

The ending: I mentioned earlier that there were things I liked about the ending, however, the ending did also leave me quite disappointed. Going into this movie, I expected some major deaths, namely Captain America and/or Iron Man. I was disappointed in the end to find that neither of them died. In fact, the only real deaths we got to see were Loki, Gamora, Vision and Heimdall. Gamora’s death was done great (although I’m not convinced she’s going to remain dead), I loved how Vision died, and I liked how Loki’s death came about too. But does anyone really care about Heimdall? I expected more and as cool as it was to see Thanos snap his fingers and wipe out half of humanity, it’s quite obvious that all of those characters are going to come back. Spider-Man has a movie scheduled, we know that the Guardians are getting another movie, and so on. If we didn’t know anything about the upcoming Marvel movies then sure, this ending might have worked better because we’d have no clue whether they were really all gone for good. But when there are movies scheduled already that star these characters, it becomes hard for me to really care much at all about them disappearing here. They’re going to be gone for half of the next Avengers movie and then they’ll be back as if nothing happened. I’m just hoping that the characters who were actually killed (rather than taken out of existence by Thanos) will actually remain dead even after all those who disappeared come back, and fingers crossed that we can get some of those bigger name permadeaths in the process.

Overall though, I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, and I think it’s probably my favourite Avengers film of the three we have so far, and I’m excited to see what happens next. I’ll be sure to see it a couple more times while it’s still in cinemas.

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